BEST Ways to Charge Your Apple Watch Without a Charger

Apple Watch being charged using a wireless pad, showcasing alternative charging methods for optimal flexibility.


So, you find yourself in a situation where your Apple Watch is running low on battery, and, to make matters worse, you’re without your trusty charger. Fret not! We’ve got some creative solutions up our sleeves to charge Apple Watch without the charger.

1. Solar Power: Harnessing the Sun

You might be surprised to learn that you can utilize solar energy to charge your Apple Watch. When it’s sunny outdoors, use solar power. All you have to do is set your Apple Watch face-up in the sun and let it work its magic.Even if it might not be the quickest way, every little bit of charge matters.

Tip: Ensure the watch face is clean to maximize sunlight absorption.

2. Wireless Charging Pads: Borrow a Friend’s

If you’re fortunate enough to be surrounded by tech enthusiasts, chances are someone has a wireless charging pad. Most modern pads support the Qi wireless charging standard, and with a bit of creativity, you can lay your Apple Watch on the pad to absorb some power.

Tip: Position the Apple Watch carefully on the pad to find the sweet spot for charging.

3. Power Bank Magic: USB to the Rescue

When you’re not near conventional power sources, power banks come in quite handy. You can attach an Apple Watch cable to a power bank’s USB port if you have one.This makeshift solution can give your Apple Watch the boost it needs.

Tip: Use a power bank with sufficient capacity to ensure a decent charge.

4. Your Mac or PC: A Hidden Power Source

Your computer can be a hidden hero in times of crisis. Link your watch to your Mac or PC using an Apple Watch USB connection if you have one. This completes two jobs at once by synchronizing your watch with your computer and charging it simultaneously.

Tip: Ensure your computer is awake and not in sleep mode for effective charging.

5. Car Charger: Charge on the Go

For those always on the move, your car can serve as an impromptu charging station. Connect your Apple Watch to a USB car charger or the USB port on your car using a USB to Apple Watch cable. Ideal for long car rides or for sitting in traffic.

Tips: Fasten the cable securely to avoid any unintentional disconnections.

6. Public Charging Stations: Hunt Them Down

Many public spaces, like airports and cafes, offer charging stations for electronic devices. While they might not have a dedicated Apple Watch charger, you can use a USB to Apple Watch cable with a USB port on these stations.

Tip: Keep an eye on your Apple Watch while charging in public spaces.


No charger? No problem! These unconventional methods should help you keep your Apple Watch alive and ticking until you can reunite it with its charger. Keep in mind that these are only short-term fixes, and that the official charger will always work best.

In the rapidly changing realm of technology, innovation has no boundaries. To give your Apple Watch the power it deserves, consider these unconventional methods the next time you find yourself in a charging situation.


Another way to charge an Apple Watch?

Solar power, wireless charging pads, power banks, computer connection, and car chargers are alternative methods.

How to charge an Apple Watch with a phone charger?

Use a USB to Apple Watch cable with the correct power output (around 5V) from a phone charger.

Is it okay to use a non-Apple Watch charger?

It’s okay if it’s a quality charger from a reputable brand, but using official or certified third-party chargers is recommended for safety.

Can you charge an Apple Watch without it turning on?

Yes, the Apple Watch can charge even when turned off as long as it’s connected to a power source.


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